Welcome to our home page on the internet. Merrymount is a residential subdivision located on the Virginia-North Carolina border along the Roanoke River and beautiful Lake Gaston.
Lake Gaston features some 20,000 acres of water and some 350 miles of shoreline.

Merrymount was developed in 1996 by Warren Land Company on the south side of the lake, just west of Hawtree Creek, not far from Interstate 85.

This website is maintained by the Merrymount Property Owners Association and is a service to the families who live here or expect to live here soon.

Merrymount News

Water Alerts
If you would like to be updated when there is a water outage in our zip code, you can go to AquaAmerica.com and type WaterSmartAlerts.  This program will let you set up an alert to your phone.

Water & Electricity At the Pavilion
The installed electric and water at the Pavilion have passed all required inspections.  Nice work to the team ​(​Bill McCall, Richie Heycock, Mike Skidmore, Lisa Handy, Judy Stefko, George Epps, Brian McHenry and others) ​who worked so hard in bringing this to fruition. Thanks also to Ron Whitt who was a key player in getting the electric installed. Thanks also to Scott Murray and John Guins who were key players in the planning & excavation portion of the pavilion project.

MPOA Annual Meeting
The meeting was held Saturday, June 2nd, 2018. Minutes from the meeting are here.

Neighborhood Watch - Block Captains
If you see something suspicious (and not necessarily warranting an immediate 911 call) please call your block captain. If you are unable to reach him/her, please call the next person in line. If you are able to text all block captains, it is recommended that you do so. In case of emergency dial 911. [More Information]

Merrymount Calendar

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