Welcome to our home page on the internet. Merrymount is a residential subdivision located on the Virginia-North Carolina border along the Roanoke River and beautiful Lake Gaston.
Lake Gaston features some 20,000 acres of water and some 350 miles of shoreline.

Merrymount was developed in 1996 by Warren Land Company on the south side of the lake, just west of Hawtree Creek, not far from Interstate 85.

This website is maintained by the Merrymount Property Owners Association and is a service to the families who live here or expect to live here soon.

Merrymount News

Super Bowl Party at the McCall's, 884 Hawtree Way on February 5th at 4. Bring a favorite snack to share. RSVP with a text or call if you are planning to attend. Bill - 252-767-2705 or Jean - 919-247-7398.  


MPOA Board Meeting - March 13, 2017 at 3pm at Diana Munsch's House, 2 Merrymount Road.


Speed Reminder
Please remind your guests that the speed limit in Merrymount is 25MPH. It's a good idea to maintain the 25MPH speed with the hunting season in progress as chased deer/running dogs may suddenly cross your path in Merrymount.


Neighborhood Watch - Block Captains

If you see something suspicious (and not necessarily warranting an immediate 911 call) please call your block captain. If you are unable to reach him/her, please call the next person in line. If you are able to text all block captains, it is recommended that you do so. In case of emergency dial 911. [More Information]

Merrymount Calendar

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