Minutes of the 2007 MPOA Annual Meeting

Saturday, June 2, 2007



Attending: Jim & Paulette Sabo (1), Margie & Mike Skidmore (18), Janet & George Epps (29), Paulette & Al Berg (61), Mary Ann & Ken Nagle (53), Rick & Jett Shupe (126), Nan & Keith Wampler (73), Art & Denise Buckner (2), Larry Uhl (32), Patty & Brian McHenry (26 & 27), Carl & Lissa Wissing (25), Paul Manana (19), Bob Sorensen (28), Todd & Norma Schultz (4), Pat Jeppesen (65), Lois & Harvey Powers (67), Margaret Stephenson (91), David Butler (71), Bill Powell (62, 63 & 64),Ray & Keri Merritt (24), Scott & Myra Murray (21), Michael Ortiz (59), Bill & Jean McCall (49), Richie & RoseAnn Heycock (57), Britt & Lisa Vitalone (8). Proxies were received from: Don Holliday, Kathleen & Charlie Fisher, Boardy Taylor, Jay Stephens, Bill Iles, Kyle Parshall, Rick Stevens, Dave Hunt, Barbara Dougherty, and Edward Johnson.


Chairman Bill McCall called the meeting to order at 10am. Property owners and board members introduced themselves.


Bill McCall asked for nominations from the floor for two vacancies on the board. Three people had indicated their interest in serving: Denise Buckner, Rick Shupe and Jay Stephens.There were no further nominations and ballots were marked and collected for counting.




Bill McCall covered the following areas of concern and provided the action taken by the board.

  • Unsightly messes, burning debris and large limbs being left on property: No burning bans exist in Mecklenburg County, but the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) adopted a no burning of debris by property owners/builders as part of the new policy for new building.
  • Well tanks at front: Request from an owner that the tanks be painted. Bill McCall submitted a proposal to paint the tanks to Andy Nash, Fox Run Water Company and had several conversations about the timing of the painting.
  • Architectural Control Committee: Guideline updated by Dave Butler and committee.
  • Merrymount web site: Updated by Harvey Powers (www.merrymount.net)
  • Trailer Lot: Please ID your trailers and other equipment in the trailer lot.
  • Dog problems: Owners are asked to be more mindful of having dogs leashed.
  • Common Boat Slip area: This area has its own association and there is some interest from the owner in having MPOA assume control over this area. Rick Shupe & Bill McCall are working on this project.
  • Deer issue: E-mail sent to everyone concerning having a private hunt club, using bow and arrow to hunt in Merrymount. A great deal of conversation ensued, with questions of safety and insurance concerns. The consensus of the attendees and e-mail responses indicates a deer hunt will not occur.
  • Guidelines for New Property Owners: Updated by the ACC and on the web site.
  • Owner not following ACC guidelines: An issue of a shed being constructed differently than what was submitted and approved by the ACC was rectified after owner was notified to comply with guidelines. †††
  • Annual dues: All notified owners have paid their annual dues except for one case where a lot was sold and the new owner hasnít been located. Work continues on getting a late fee from Alliance Building.
  • Old Merrymount sign:Sign is Tanglewood Realty sign but it reflects badly on Merrymount. Larry Uhl will take the sign down.
  • Audit of financial records: Contacted local CPA who indicated a true audit would be too expensive and suggested that a non-board member review the records. This review was done by Al Muir.
  • DSL in Merrymount: DSL is available on a temporary limited basis for 12-20 hook-ups effective immediately. Buggs Island needs easement to access lines & equipment within Merrymount which should not be a problem. Contact Buggs Island by phone or visit the Customer Service office at Bracey for hook-up information. †††




  • Hawtree Pot Hole: Ken Nagle indicated a water main break several months ago resulted in the road being dug up. The job to repair the section is a small job and efforts continue with Fox Run Water to repair the pot hole.
  • Fox Run Water Company:Air in the line and poor pressure, especially during the weekends area result of only 25 % use of capacity (not enough water being drawn). Efforts will continue to have other water tank activated.
  • Water Skiing on Hawtree Creek: MPOA has no jurisdiction of the creek. Mecklenburg County controls designation of ďno wake zoneĒ and previous efforts have been ineffective due to fishermen needing to get from creek to lake.
  • Theft: Ray Merritt reported the $1000 loss of fishing gear from his boat. Larry Uhl reported seeing spot lighting of docks and house at night during this past week.
  • Pavilion: Larry Uhl reported that a previous survey supported a pavilion and that it would bring the community together for social events. Scott Murray drew plans for the common area, starting with a pavilion (available on web site). The plan includes doing as much of the work as we could ourselves. The concrete slab has been done professionally and volunteers are needed for the roof and finishing the pavilion.
  • Hydrilla: Spraying of the creek only has been done by Professional Lake Management (PLM) on May 31st†††† with use of time-release (Sonar) fluridone, designed to work over an extended period of time. If you paid for Aquatic Nuisance Pest Control (ANPC) and live in the creek (lots 1-57), Ken Nagle is working on getting a refund. Those with lots of the main lake will not get a refund because PLM didnít treat the main lake.
  • NC Boat Dock: The creek was treated for hydrilla by PLM due to having the boat dock in the creek. If funding is available, a large fishing area in the dirt ramp area is planned by North Carolina.







Patty McHenry gave the annual treasurerís report:


Checking account:††††††† $††††††††† 3,120.29

Saving account: $†††††††† 34,017.04

Money fund account:$†††††††† 93,604.22††††††††††


Total Assets†††††††††††††††† $†††††† 130,741.55


Liability††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† -0-†††††


Net Worth††††††††††††††††††† $†††††† 130,741.55




Rick Shupe and Jay Stephens were elected to three year terms on the board.


Bill McCall and Ken Nagle were recognized for their work on the board


Meeting adjourned at 11:15am


Respectfully submitted.

Margie Skidmore

MPOA Secretary