Minutes of the 2006 MPOA Annual Meeting

Saturday, June 3, 2006


Attending: Carl & Lissa Wissing (25), Patty & Brian McHenry (26 & 27), Nan & Keith Wampler (73), Bob & Wanda Sorensen (28), Dave Hunt & Wanda Gossard (124), Ken & Mary Ann Nagle (53), Todd & Norma Schultz (4), Richard Heycock (37), Jim & Paulette Sabo (1), Jay & Judy Stephens (3), Bill McCall (49), Mike & Margie Skidmore (18), Bill & Arlene Cron (84), Ray & Keri Merritt (24), Dave Butler (71), Larry Uhl (32), Diana Munsch (58), Pauline Lilley (57), George & Janet Epp (29), Bill Powell (62, 63, 64), John & Ellie Stoner (48), Margaret Stephenson (91), Rae Iles (9), Scott Murray (21), Rick & Jett Shupe (126), Barbara Dougherty (125), Mike & Debbie Ortiz (59), Karen Byrd (55 &56), Buck & Margaret Johnson (206), Art & Denise Buckner (2), Sam & Gay Irby (60, 66 & 90), Pat Jeppeson (65). Proxies were received from: Don Holliday, Kathleen & Charlie Fisher, Boardy Taylor, and Paul Manana.     


Chairman Harvey Powers called the meeting to order at 10am. Board members and property owners introduced themselves.


Lissa Wissing introduced Moira Underwood, Executive Director of the Lake Gaston Association. She discussed hydrilla, introduction of more grass carp and hydrilla eating flies. She also talked about boating safety, including pertinent information regarding mandatory wearing of life jackets by minors until their 13th birthday whenever a boat is underway. “Underway” is defined as anytime the boat is not anchored or tied to the pier. She also advised if a mile marker buoy is out of place or has floated away, to contact LGA who will notify Dominion Power. Membership to LGA is $25 and monthly meetings are held first Wednesday of each month and are opened to the public. Web address: www.LakeGastonAssoc.com


Budget: Patty McHenry reported MPOA assets as follows:

Total Assets - $106,862.69

Harvey explained that the assets are for the general budget, future road repair and hopefully to avoid a special assessment. Motion to accept treasurer’s report was passed unanimously.


The floor was open to additional nominations for the two vacant board positions.  No additional nominations were received and nominations were closed.



Bill McCall reported on the road repair and the expansion of the trailer lot (#128) that were completed last year. Additional security was discussed but deemed unaffordable at this time. Debbie Ortiz was asked to evaluate the current status of the roads.

Ken Nagle reported that the grass cutting bill for this year will be $7800, an increase of 15% over last year.  The main entrance will be cut every 10 days and all other common properties cut once a month. Ken thanked Carl Wissing and Brian McHenry for maintaining the front sprinkler system.

Ken Nagle reported that 42 lots paid Aquatic Nuisance Pest Control for hydrilla treatment this year. The checks will be held until June 12th and treatment will occur in June and August, weather permitting.

Harvey Powers reported that there was some confusion regarding the granting of an easement to Buggs Island Telephone Company to facilitate the arrival of DSL and upgraded telephone service. He said that a document granting the easement had arrived this A.M. and would be reviewed by the board. Motion to close old business was accepted.



Ken Nagle reported the area across Hawtree Creek is being developed as Peete Farm, with most of the available 61 lots having bids on them.


Harvey Powers reported the results of the board member election. Margie Skidmore and Larry Uhl were elected. Margie was appointed as Secretary.  Harvey turned the meeting over to Bill McCall, who thanked Harvey and Lissa for their contributions to the MPOA.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.


Respectfully submitted,

Lissa Wissing

MPOA Secretary