Minutes of the 2008 MPOA Annual Meeting

May 31, 2008



Attending were: Mike & Margie Skidmore (18), John & Barbara Berglund (84 ), Jay Stephens (3), Bob Sorensen (28), Todd & Norma Schultz (4), Art & Denise Buckner (2), Brian & Patty McHenry (26,27), Don Holliday & Carolyn Britt (70), John & Ellie Stoner (48), Janet & George Epp (29), Jim Sabo (1), Keith & Nan Wampler (73), Larry Uhl (32), Michele Matto & Jenny Young (99), Rich & RoseAnn Heycock (37), Dough & Linda Sobey (74 ), Lissa Wissing (25), Bill Powell (62,63,64), Wanda Gossard (124), Rick Shupe (126), Ray & Keri Merritt (24), Deborah Ortiz (59), Harvey Powers (67),  Bill & Jean McCall (49), Peggy & Al Muir (49), Scott & Myra Murray (21).


Chairman Larry Uhl called the meeting to order at 1pm and thanked everyone in Merrymount who had helped with projects during the last year. Property owners and board members introduced themselves.


Margie Skidmore, MPOA Secretary reviewed the minutes from the 2007 meeting.


Patty McHenry gave the Treasurer’s Report:


Checking account                   $          2,190.15

Savings Account                     $         41,683.46

Money Fund account $         97,816.17         (Road Fund & Capital Impr.)


Total Assets                           $       141,689.78


Liability                                                 -0-


MPOA Net Worth                 $       141,689.78

Patty also gave the MPOA Cash Flow Report 2007 (1/1/07-12/31/07)

It was moved and seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report.


Larry Uhl & Bill McCall reported that Fox Run Water has not been responsive to requests to have tanks painted. Andy Nash assured Larry that the tanks would be painted shortly. Bill Powell suggested that contact be made with North Carolina to tap MPO into the North Carolina system as an insurance policy for anticipated need for water. Larry Uhl will pursue this project with North Carolina officials.


Keri Merritt thanked everyone who had worked on the pavilion. Larry Uhl indicated that the project had stayed in budget and that the pavilion stands out as quite an accomplishment for the Merrymount community.


Scott Murray gave a report of information on three options for MPO front entrance security: (1) Do nothing at the present time; (2) Install security camera(s); and (3) Install gates. Ray Merritt stated he “feels safe here and feels cameras or gates indicate you are not welcome here, that the neighborhood watches out for each other and the real danger is from the lake traffic.” The general feeling was that the gates and cameras would alienate our neighbors and really not provide the required security.  After much discussion, Denise Buckner moved that the issue of gates and cameras be tabled until another security problem occurred at a later time. Harvey Powers seconded the motion and commended the board for investigating the security issue. The motion was approved with one opposed.


Debbie Ortiz, along with Jay Stephens reported to the group of the study of the Merrymount roads. After much discussion Harvey Powers moved and John Bergland seconded a motion to authorize the Board to spend up to $40,000 for required road maintenance. Roads will continue to be evaluated as to future requirements in order to maintain roads in good condition. 


Jay Stephens reported that the main lake areas will most likely be treated for hydrilla in July and August in two treatments at a cost of $206.80 per lot owner. The creek area may only be treated one time at one-half of the cost for main lake lot owners.


Rick Shupe is the new President of the Community Boat Dock Association and will be notifying boat slip owners of required dues. Rick also reported the boat dock area will be cleaned.


Larry reported that Andy Nash has said there is sufficient water for residential consumption but the system is not designed to irrigate lots. For irrigation, lot owners are asked to water from the lake.


Grass cutting is done twice monthly during the summer and the front area is cut every 10 days. There was discussion of how to keep the front area looking nice, with Lois Powers being commended for the work she has done in the past. Scott Murray agreed to look at the front to determine what should be done to maintain the entrance.


Larry covered the dog issue and indicated that dogs allowed to run unattended are a nuisance. He commended those owners who walk their dogs with leashes. The MPOA Board has no authority to “police” dog owners but asked that lot owners talk directly with the owners of dogs if there is a problem.


There are two openings and an alternate on the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). When in doubt about a construction project, please contact the MPOA Secretary to determine if a request to the ARC is required.  Lot owners are reminded to use the storage lot more, keep yards clean and free of debris. A question of 10 ft. easements on sides of property lines, as related to driveways arose and will be investigated, with information sent to the lot owners.


A donation will be made to Jerusalem United Methodist Church for use of the Fellowship Hall for the MPOA annual meeting.


Since there were no nominees from the floor, Patty McHenry was duly elected to another three year Board term.


The meeting adjourned at 2:45pm for a picnic at the new pavilion in Merrymount.


Respectfully submitted,



Margie Skidmore

MPOA Secretary