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The recorded Declaration of Protective Covenants established the Architectural Review Committee to preserve property values, the natural beauty of the subdivision, and to assist the quality of life in Merrymount on Lake Gaston and to enforce the guidelines in the covenants.
The Committee meets regularly to review and approve or disapprove the requests of property owners to construct, modify, or make improvements on any properties in the Merrymount Subdivision.


Changes or additions to the exterior of structures within the Merrymount Subdivision, except minor shrubbery changes, must be submitted to the Committee in writing for review, approval, or disapproval. Approval is mandatory before work begins. If a property owner disagrees with the Committee's action, he or she may appeal to the Merrymount Property Owners’ Association (MPOA) Board of Directors. This appeal must be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing within fifteen (15) days from date of the ARC letter of disapproval or the disapproval will become permanent.

Property owners must submit a Request for Architectural Approval Form with explanation of the proposed changes or additions and a signed copy of the "A Guide for the New Property Owner."  These forms are available from the secretary of the MPOA or on the website. Descriptions, associated drawings, copy of lot survey, and neighbor acknowledgements must accompany the form so that the Committee may reasonably act on each request.
General examples of items involving changes or additions, which require Committee review include:

  • Structural: Any exterior redesign or change in materials, finishes and colors, additions, garage, carport, detached building or structure of any kind.
  • Adjacent Structures: Fences of any kind, dog pens or runs, patios, decks, pools, exterior hot tubs/spas, or hard landscaping such as retaining walls.
  • Miscellaneous: Exterior paint or color changes, antennas and satellite dishes (larger than 36 inches in diameter) and swimming pools.
  • Exemptions: Repainting structures the same color does not require a Request for Architectural Approval.

The Committee meets periodically when requests are received. If the property owner makes no request for a meeting, the Committee may make a decision without a meeting after Committee members review the request.
Property owners or the Committee may request a meeting to ask questions. When the Committee considers a request, the following will take place:

  • 1. The Committee will examine the written Request noting its completeness or areas of concern.

  • 2. The requestor (if present) will be invited to verbally present the details of the request and to discuss it with the Committee.

  • 3. Other persons may be invited to present comments or support/concerns for the request, and discuss them with the Committee.

  • 4. Once the requestor has had a chance to speak, the Committee, in closed session, will discuss the request and determine an action which may be:

    A. Approve as submitted
    B. Approve subject to conditions
    C. Disapprove because of an incomplete request
    D. Disapprove
    E. Make a site visit before taking action

  • 5. A Request for approval should be submitted to the Committee at least sixty (60) days before the anticipated construction date. Plans should be submitted to the secretary of the MPOA or sent to the Association at 134 Hawtree Way, Boydton, VA 23917. The Committee will respond to the requester in writing and will make every attempt to complete the review as expeditiously as possible, no later than sixty (60) days. The County Inspections Department prior to issuing permits may request evidence of Committee approval.

  • 6. The Request and supporting documents become the property of MPOA and will be retained in the property files. IF IN DOUBT, contact the Secretary of Merrymount Property Owners’ Association. The secretary can arrange communication with the members of the Architectural Review Committee or answer most questions. Committee members are volunteers and are normally available during the Committee meeting times.
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